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Friday, December 23, 2011

Illusionary Power Brokers

     It’s a good day some say in these United States , as race is seen as almost a thing of the past , and for what reasons you ask?  Barrack Obama sit’s in the White House, and what does that mean others wish to know? Well , ain’t he doing fine on both  domestic economic, and international political  front, some enquire? After all ,the gays are happy , especially across the Fox holes of the military killing fields  ,where they had to not tell ,if asked before , correct? 
    Additionally ,a few thousand troops are returning from Iraq , only to be replaced by highly paid private security - a left over from Dick Cheny, and his  Halliburton, and Black water  gang, but that’s fine , since the waring Sunnis , and pro Iranians Shiites ,would neutralize each other , via suicide bombings. 
    Did I mention , that this was an alien concept, to Iraqis ,before the successive invasions by waring Presidential Blue Blood Royalty , the Bushes?
   Enough of that , for some’ too big to fail,’corporations ,were taken care of, and pretty cars are rolling off the plants in Detroit once more , but  thank goodness , it ain’t  disparaged , Mexican , undocumented immigrants ,doing their jobs .
   Serve you right China , go mess with someone else , maybe lifetime Russian President to be , Putin. Good gracious, how much for a new Air Jordan, and what’s that , gunshot were heard by customers fighting to purchasing the long retired,NBA superstar’s shoes?
 The power of Black folks to shape popular culture , yet never anything of significance to enhance the lot of their  own , never fail to amaze me. 
    Speaking about purchases , GOP Tea baggers  in the House were  flexing their muscles, and this nearly caused another gridlock shutdown , in true Newt Gingrich fashion , but such was thwarted  , due to timely nudging by President Barrack, not planning on missing out on his Xmas Hawaiian sun and fun.
     It  would have been sad to see a couple millions Americans deprived from getting a whopping $40 :00 more ,in their pockets , in efforts to shop for this jolly season , I think. 
    Now here who remained  happy.Raul ,for getting   his  $60:00  XBox Live Call of Duty 25 war  Game . Jenny from Ohio ,her $200  a pop ,  she thinks is  hot Christian Tim Tebow Jersey. 
   To top it off, front row seats for the LA  NBA Xmas game ,to see Kobe, who like his pal Tiger , will  try to play ball , in his case ,while thinking about the US$160 million ,he has to shell out , to Vanessa , since she decided  to say No mas, to  him ,and his well known ,veracious sexual proclivities, in fluent Mexican Spanglish, one might add. 
 Incidentally, just got it from reliable sources ,on the first lady detail , that both  Michelle, and adoring kids ,often  spend that exact amount ,as  dog manicure tips,  for  Howie ,the  high breed  black dog, that occasionally  pee’s ,on the White House lawn, during photo ops , and vegetable garden  planting, media extravaganzas.
   Good for  obese kids.The jury , is still out for the rest. Stay tuned. 

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