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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Which way is up!

                   I don’t wish to go off  on a rant here , but  nevertheless I will. Am I the only one who find's this tattoo obsession favored by too many phony celebs , and their adoring mimic fans ,a bit repulsive? Worst yet , tell me , how the hell can Afrikan people not see the symbolic stupidity , and neo slave behavior of such actions? My  6ft 4 , 14 year old, came to me recently , and whispered that he too  was contemplating going that route,after also  piercing his ears , because it looks good. I did a double take , then  indulged in a short reflective  pause ,before responding, but let me admit  , that it  took all of my reserve ,to not throw him through a window, civilize guy as I am . All I needed to do however was to point at my body , and he got the message. 
       So horrified was  I , at  his request, which forced me to ask the following question :-Where did this come from from? I Don’t wish, to sound like the old nut case  pseudo intellectual, immoral  phony, Bill Crosby, who forgot how he, back in the day , well... , you can fill in the blanks on all the not too concealed foibles of Dr Huxtable , aka  one time Black , comedic pimp of his community, and now convenient spokesman for white , suspect conservative , ‘we are wishing for those good old days  of morally sound America,’ mantra, which is hardly convincing. 
    Just wish to remind my Afrikan young princess ,and prince , that this  maiming , via branding of your  beautiful chocolate  skins , is an alien practice, to your ancestors,but was only introduced when they emerged on the European Massa plantation. It was then only used to distinguish them as  property for a particular owner, and nothing else. 
   Well, I take part of that back, and will say this  instead. If you wish to find yourself divided along neo tribal lines , by yes  ,barbaric body desecration practices , and similar unwholesome habits,like early ancestors , then go for it . Not certain how it aided  Afrikans still living on the continent, or how it can assist you on whatever new one you’ve landed on. Need I say genocidal savageries from  Rwanda,to  Sudan, Sirria Leone, Liberia , Nigeria , Kenya,Somalia , Congo, and continuing? Oh by the way , I am about to run  for Congress, on a platform that would make genital mutilation ,and polygamy  mandatory for all Afrikan families , how do you like that as well, ladies , and gents, with daughters ? Don't worry, I know the answer , as to what you think about traditions.    
      Yes I get it, that this is a psychological sign of  modern day defiance against the phantom enemy, to prove that Afrikan folks are in charge of their own bodies, which is right up their with excessive piercing of body parts, and  proud public usage of the N words, along with oapaque hair styles that Continental Afrikans themselves, have no conception of unless for those still stuck in rural , almost  prehistoric  , economically  desperate  enclaves. .
 It is however time to reclaim some sort of sanity, and dignity , and it starts with influential leaders , even if some  are unaware that they are. It involves parents , who likewise got to place the foot on the breaks by educating our kids as to what time it is. Fighting senseless symbolic wars with 'could care less Europeans,' takes Afrikan folks ,nowhere to the future, of this you can be assured.  Going back to the future is an exercise in futility. 
Well, again , that’s assuming that some do know , which way is up,and are ready to chart a road map to take us all to a future which is now , today , and  therein lies the dilemma.  Stay tuned. 
 Luv Humanity

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