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Monday, December 26, 2011


         As  2011 rushes to an end , and the wrath of frustrated global citizens are being felt from Russia , to Egypt,Syria, and with few exceptions, the majority of America, we are forced to reflect  on what was , and project onto what can be come January and beyond. Where do you stand in the global struggle, for socio economic  - com political justice, one might enquire? Still prepared to sit on the sides line and pray for relief?  Prefer to pat  yourself on the back, as to your good fortunes ,for being a hard working dedicated soul , as an explanation for your tenuous successes , or ready to roll up your sleeves, and join humanist progressives , in what ever manner necessary, to instill meaningful changes , that are destined to make a dent on advancing the cause for all humanity? 
     It’s your call , but I am reminded about   what the late, great ,Afrikan American Civil Right , activist pioneer, Dr W.E.B. Du Bois ,said about the quest for liberty- not only for his people , but us all. “We must complain , Yes, plain , blunt complaint, ceaseless agitation , unfailing exposure of dishonesty and wrong- this is ancient , unerring way to liberty , and we must follow it.” 
    Do not for one moment think that you have to be a high CEO, to make a difference, or must of necessity, possess the bully pulpit of an ex President, PM , Emperor , or Chief , to instill change . It is equally naive to  likewise think, that your conscience can be absolved ,by  only donating a portion of your salary to charity , then remaining quiet , due to fear of reprisals from power mongrels, on the glaring injustice you see daily?   Nope , such won’t cut it . There is a deeper moral responsibility we bear , and you must find what that is , then do it. 
    Speaking of doing it  for others in needy time, I  am inspired by a  Dr. Nick Spiritos in a tear  jerker ,CBS 60 minutes feature  piece ,about the once prosperous  Las Vegas area. Here, the economy down turn took it's toll in numerous forms. One was the cutting back of service, and closing down of cancer clinics, that could have saved lives of the poor and desperate.    
Front page turning ,billion dollar budget global NGO Charitable  organizations , that were still attempting to save the moon , stars , underwater planktons ,and exotic pine trees ,but as claimed , could no longer deliver on folks in dire need. 
  Confronted with turning away  patients ,Dr Nick , refurbished  a  storeroom in his private office ,with $100,000 of his own money, and began a  chemo clinic for ovarian and uterine cancers.
These patients obviously, were destined for earlier demise were perhaps saved due to this his humane   gesture, and how grand is that?;contentBody

Stay tuned, and remember continue to Luv Humanity!
 It’s a beautiful life. 

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