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Sunday, January 8, 2012


   Saw me another debate last night , which might  just be ,about a thousand for me ,  since I began observing American Presidential politics through the years. This practice I think ,began for me , since I was about what  age twenty one? Grew up  observing the likes of media giants, such as Ted Koppel ABC Nightline ,as well as  Sam Donaldson , and William Buckley  Jr.with their respective  roundtable discussions on the state of their country, global politics  , and the role of leaders ,that were necessary  to navigate  therein.Not surprisingly this love blossom into education and careers within the political arena , all the while remaining an ardent admirer of power plays , and the media agents that enlighten us about their actions - some good , others terrible ,one should add.  
    My journey  began with  the historically maligned ,Richard Nixon who ended the Vietnam war,  brought  the troops home, to face a demoralized nation, suffering it's second defeat, under  the hands of colored enemies,many   felt , were their inferiors- especially the Lyndon B Johnson's of the world .'How dare these yellow, and brown bastards ,not bow to the might, of these great, mainly  white  Christian gods ,that dominate  these United States , I could hear the rabid , foul mouth Texan scream?
   Nixon's bold  efforts of  Ping pong Diplomacy , and of course, Watergate over ambition ,resulted in his impeachment,  fall from grace, and convenient Gerald Ford  pardon, but that's another story for pseudo intellectual  historians such as fat blowhard Newt Gingrich, and lofty  moralist, to grapple over, as to it's merits for sending the first American President ,to Alcatraz, for victimless crimes, just  like was done historically , for 75% or more , incarcerated , common criminal scums, across this  nation. 
This action might  eventually lead to the emergence of China today, as an eventual  major , rivaling economic ,and political superpower ,to the  United States, and that some think, might not be a bad development,in an out of control world, where United Nation's multipolarity,is looked at with denison,since,'wink,wink,' and clear precursor, to 'Third Worldism.'  
   Who can forget Jimmy Carter , an ardent Southern Baptist, Georgian  Peanut Farmer, who came to Pennsylvania Avenue  Washington, ladened with outsider Christian idealism ,clothed in an outfit of 'lust in his heart,'moral  purity, and for this paid a  steep price. I am speaking of course of  Political Islam , with all it’s good,or evil  manifestations, from Iranian Ayatollah  revolution , post Shah , to Soviet invaded Afghanistan , Mujahadeen , Saudi Bin Laden , and Taliban,but  again ,who is checking, out side of Italian American Penn State coal mining  political nut job  'Don',Rick Santorum , aka big Government/Contraceptive Police/Mussolini rabid great grand nephew, who does not see in his twisted Christian Catholic soul , an evil Muslim he does not wish to bomb away , during maybe the WW3? 
  We'll give that a rest for now , and just check to see if one of the eight daughters of Santorum, the  fraud , can survive  this election cycle, without  making the pages of the Enquirer magazine ,for unwed , underaged pregnancy, in similar  manner ,to an equally , hypocritical,unmentionable Alaskan suspect Republican,opportunistic, empty suit babbler.  
     I recall Civil Rights activist ,Jesse Jackson ,attempting , and failing miserably ,to do what Barrack Obama eventually  did ,decades later, namely ,breaking  the White male, politically exclusive club barrier,so as to become a rags to riches, President.Notice I did not say Black President , like most so called, color blind Americans , who naively  think, that Black , plus White is still Black. Some fondly refer to  it  as  1%  drop of blood rule, a policy that was encouraged for over  two hundred years, by  conniving ,  barbarian European , with sinister racial puritanical purposes , as they raped , and plunder the lives of their innocent , god fearing , more civilize Afrikan slave subjects , who only help make this country into the shining empire it is today , with never a wee bit of compensation for their efforts. Such a sad , sickening legacy ,and stain on the moral conscience of these United Sates , but who is checking , when this subject, and others linked to economic and social justice , can be discarded to the book shelves of history, as we speculate on the size of  ugly , fake nose ,Kim  Kardashain butt,type of drug Paris Hilton  ,was caught with in her black and yellow  underwear, or better yet if the screaming Minnesota  political victim Michelle Bachman, was kicked off the political stage because of sexism , or due more to the fact that she came across as dumber that  the simulate Sarah Palin , her predecessor for female flavor of the year? You know what I am talking about, from flaming feminist liberal  Geraldine Ferraro,to Political  Carpetbagger  Hillary Tammy Wynette Rodman Clinton , and then Sarah, the clueless , Alaskan Sport caster ,turn NBA's Glen Rice , inept ,close fan?
    I observed the politically complex ,yet fervently optimistic Ronald Reagan ,start his version of a revolution , that some claimed,was the architect for  deregulation, runaway  militaristic deficit spending ,anti poor folks ,business economic greed  , a la ,present day ,Wall Street banditry,and recessionary chaos ,that unsuspecting,yet innocent Americans ,are  sadly forced to endure today, reminiscent to the 1930's depressions, onced experienced by the likes of now  famous Jewish Ponzi Scheming, head guru ,alleged victim,Bernard Madoff when he was a kid growing up in Queens Zoo York.  
  Since in their estimation ,it ended  bipolar ,fear mongering, via the four decades Cold War ,and eventually  the  demise of the USSR , this B class acting Democratic Partying ,Great Communicator, turned convenient Republican anti Red head honcho ,with the help of his adoring wife  Ouija playing Nancy, has achieved almost Hollywoodian cult status, to many, and can be forgiven  for his failings-criminal, though numerous  might be, and did anyone say Iran,drugs for gun scandal? Alas,a different story,for more convenient occasions. 
  Others like my self, and the Nobel Peace Prize Committee ,  prefer to look instead at the efforts of  a youthful , visionary ,Russian Lawyer named Mikhail Gorbachev , the architect of  Glasnost ,and Perestroika , as the real hero that changed the world , but that’s a different story for a different occasion ,as today's economically , and politically constipated Europe  stumbles, while awaiting their lifetime benefactor America ,to rise up again ,and lead from the front, as it was known to have done , when capable for over six decades since becoming a Super Power.   
   The world for almost two decades was subjected to the Bush , Clinton royal dynasties from social Conservative Yankee Blue blood WW2 hero , and  Texan businessman G H Bush , to his  sexually laschievious ,dysfunctional  Irish slickness Bill Clinton , and how can we forget pseudo Christian war monger MBA President G.W Bush. Since one was born with a gold spoon in his mouth, his empty words about reading his lips on no new taxes fell flat. The other for all his good on the economy , took the country back almost 200 years ,and compromised  it  in every way possible ,due to his sexual indiscipline , and inability command the respect of his peers during the power game . Bill Clinton’s, revolting actions as President of the United States , to many much smarter ,and or morally sound than myself , was so harmful , and distracting , was tantamount to an olympian winning a gold medal , and having to give it back in humiliating fashion after being caught using steroids. Again , another story for a different occasion. 
    It is now 2012 , and as per usual , political junkie as  I am, here it is I am once again , observing  with keen interest, the political machinations  of the contenders for the proverbial throne of Commander in Chief, or put more affectionately, the American Presidency.
    Unfortunately , only one person intrigue me in the list of contestants, and his name is none other than  Dr. Ron Paul.  His message is clear, sound, and poignant for our time . He is fervently pro Constitutional what ever that means ,since it's writer,Virginian  Thomas Jefferson, raped , and continually impregnated his female slaves, then refused to free them upon leaving office- immoral bastard as he was- of all men are created equal fame. 
Ron claim to wish to get back to fiscal responsibility , less governmental  regulations, and or micromanagement of citizens lives. Translation of that , might just be pull your self up from your lazy boot strap , and quit waiting on the Federal government to do anything to help you get ahead, but I'll leave him to work out the logistics of such pro Tea bag ideas.
He has  an uncompromising , though seemingly impractical , ardent following who subscribes to demolishing the UN , getting out of NATO , returning of all troops to America where they would join the band of millions of already unemployed .He referent to this as a sure step  for  liberty, and freedom for all citizens , via no USA global Policing , Noninterventionist, Isolationism. 
 Well, this sound good on paper , until 500,0000  war hungry ,well trained ex military folks -1000 or less of which are Generals- start using their skills to attack America instead, as that is all they know , including attempted coups ,and then Super Power China , Nigeria ,Israel , and Brazil, decided to give weakened America ,the middle finger , as desperate citizens beg the international community, to intervene, to halt the clear cut  Genocides, that would inevitable follow, from the social mayhem , caused by Dr Ron , aka the mad Scientist. 
   The sad reality is that Ron Paul can never win , as the power  eliteFar Right , GOP establishment, is scared as hell ,at the prospect of either him winning ,or that  colorless ,morally repugnant , billionaire business elite,flip flopping left of center leaning, Jesus hating  Mormon  guy named Mitt Romney , with no chance  whatsoever of defeating , his rival Barrack Obama, aka the Great White Hope.
   The losers again would be those historically  clueless , emotionally abused , socially confused , politically fractured , neo tribal ,Americans , who brought into the notion that  they still lived in the land of the free, and of opportunities for  all ,from sea to shining sea.
 Stay tune however ,  for my follow up , as to why no candidate standing on the GOP platform ,can ever defeat this incumbent bloke named Barrack Hussain Obama , from South Side Chicago, by way of Hawaii, and Indonesia.Here is a hint , for you less astute. His secret weapon is Michelle Obama ,a one time poor South Side , turned Harvard , and Princeton elite lioness, that would fiercely destroy any who stand’s in her way to plant her White House vegetable garden to end obesity  amongst Black Kids ,not named Malia , and Sasha. I would double dare anyone to halt her effort to bring more wholesome  ,classical artistry, less violence inducing, gender demeaning  music, into the cultural  hearts, of all American kids ,exposed for too long ,on Afrikan Rap ,and Hip Hop music. 
   Don’t wish to give away too much , but just maybe , she can work on the conscience of those numerically dominant , to remind them of the fact that this is Afrikan American time , and the consequence of her people , either switching country , or better yet ,forming their own political party, as a back lash. 
 I remain , your  unpaid socio - political observer , of American realities , remember ,from as far back as Richard - I’m not a crook -Nixon?  It’s a jungle out there people , and someone got to  lay it down as it is ,for the less conscious amongst us, since the corporate , complicit , corrupt main stream media is either asleep , or comatose in flatlined inertia, yes? 
 Luv Humanity

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