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Friday, January 6, 2012


    It is so sad that some naively think that self love translates to hatred of the other . Far from it , as psychologists have repeatedly shown us that  folks who project hatred of other races, and ethnicity's, are sending a not too subtle message as to how they think of themselves. A look across the historical landscape , and we can observe examples of   attempts to mask some of their covert, and overt manifestations of evils. 
   These range form slavery , cultural, and ideologically  tinged race wars, drastic economic   exploitations, and even barbaric cohesive sanctions , but we refuse to be fooled.  Sadly  enough , sometimes decades, and centuries of acculturation  of elements of hate , evils , and oppressions , can result in one group full acceptance of this as a norm. It then comes as no surprise that they in turn , would resort to the same action on the other , once in any position of power themselves. There is a moral responsibility that is necessary by us, the more  morally  astute humanist ,to expose  all forms of evil , and the perpetrators ,as best we can, in  what ever form necessary.  

    For American Europeans , it  began almost 200 years ago, during one example of  wider European Imperialist aggressive invasions  , against a harmless, welcoming  people, without whose efforts , this great nation could never have  fully emerge.
 It did not stop there however, for what else can one call two and a quarter centuries of free labor , under the barbaric system called slavery , followed by  continued ,systemic , and institutional destructions , with no compensations for past wrongs, by one group of the other?

Pay attention to the present  GOP Primary election campain, and you would see how  fake Christians, and Mormon  candidates, are jumping over each other ,to up the ante ,when it comes  to  rhetoric , as to who loves the state of Israel more, or rather ,   can lay  better claims to becoming a  friend of  historically victimized Jewish people, but should they be trusted?
     In the interim , a blind eye would be turned to ending injustice , against the other , by a most powerful force , that will not hesitate to resort to  the most savage actions , of over kill - all the while using questionable logic to justify same , and not hesitating to call to  denounce any ,who  they perceive , are trying to stand in their way.

The question remains, can they win? I say never,as evil can never triumph , irrespective of where it emerged from.

  Not to be out done is the actions of their European counterparts , based in present day Russia, and former USSR , as well as old Europe.  Millions have died globally during the Cold War, under proxy wars, but since it's ended, maybe twice that amount have likewise  exited the face of the earth , via the same evil , and destructions , as played out in the twisted souls of a people, , with no concern for the other .

The political blow backs across the Islamic world , in the form of the Arab Spring Revolution is welcome, as it  gave us another  glimpse into  the twisted soul  of a few leaders that wish to sow evil , while preying on the innocent. Since the end of the Cold War, opportunistic  intellectuals,led by revisionist historians ,have been trying to convince us that Islam is the evil enemy that  was mysteriously unleashed on the world. Far from it , and a bit of careful research would bear this out. Evil knows no boundaries , and only vigilance can curb it.

      Let's make 2012 , the year that we try to put a halt in some form into the efforts of  those who with misguided intentions , that are hell bent on impeding human progress . Often it's by their words you can pinpoint them. Never hesitate- due to intimidation , and fear of retributions- to expose the actions of powerful entities , be it the sole remaining Super Power , rivaling nations , entrenched as puppet masters within the United Nations , or influential profiteering conglomerate , corporatist  thugs, whose sole aims, are selfish personal aggrandizement, at any cost.
   Instead , take a stand for Global Justice, Peace , and Prosperity for all- including the historically  weak, maligned , and ignored .
 Luv Humanity! 

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