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Sunday, November 27, 2011


      Just a few years before he died ,due in part to what some said was wanton drug intake ,mainly introduced by some Caribbean doctor, Michael Jackson ,reveled that while still a tiny bitty kid, he  was abused by his loving father ,but  many of us laugh  at the thought that his talented billionaire , who  went on to married the Lisa Marie ,daughter of the King of Rock and Roll  Elvis Presley ,could ever be abuse  in animal like fashion ,like so many  lower caste unfortunate kids, Maybe he was  just that  typical ,opportunistic, media punk , trying to find some solace , sympathy , and excuse, for the questionable  , missteps , and or allegations, he too was accused of  committing ,towards  kids , while  humming, and gyrating to to ‘beat it,’ yes? ‘
      Well true though this might be , but ever think that just maybe , color blind, Michael , wanted to go out side, to play ,and have fun ,just like his less talented siblings Jermaine, La Toya, or then , flat nosed  ,innocent, Janet, and not instead help, be the cash cow to bolster a dream of his  driven , lazy parents, only , some maybe correctly think , were prepared to pimp their brood ,for a few dollars more , as opposed to working the Afrikan  American  concrete cotton fields? Too late now however, so time to move on,RIP Michael, and thank goodness your white adopted kids , would be less unfortunate, on all scores, as they publicly cry on TV to show their adoration for you, a supposedly  great  dad.
  How about Oprah Winfrey , remember her lamentations later in her life , while  peach at the pinnacle  of her billion dollar empire, where no other white , black , yellow , brown , or even  red Pocahontas like  woman ,ever stood? Oh yes, Oprah , told her audience,she was abused  to no end, and so it forced her to become promiscuous, over eat, and  become career driven , to be better than ever human on earth , irrespective of color.
     Well, many of us thanked Oprah , for drawing  our attention ,into an issue ,that too many prefer to pretend only existed on the slave plantation , and not the homes of decent Americans, the torture chambers of juvenile delinquency facilities, by sadistic officials , or who ever felt kids ,were easy fodder for their own perverse pleasure. Yes , pseudo journalist authors such  Kitty Kelley , has  tried to present a different picture , with her alleged objective book , but who cares to tarnish the image , or incur the wrath of Queen Oprah? Definitely not her family, lifetime boyfriend Stedman Graham ,  some jealous school mate, or octogenarian CEO , who gave her that first taste of stardom , back in Mississippi , or is it Chicago, as we have lost track?
      My only reason for bringing  up these two celebrities  ,is to show that abuse  is not an easy problem to eradicate , as there are often numerous taboo cultural explanations  for causes,that the social scientist aren’t interested in , and worst yet, lawmakers are less concern on serious persecutions , once more for logistic , political reasons, for why when Kids are none voters , and  memories can fail them , should most believe them is the thinking. So what some say,if   Mormons, and Catholic clergy engaged in sexual  outrages, just leave it along , no? NGO mismanaging freaks,  at Penn State ,that abused the trust of  desperate kids  decades ago, followed by  institutional , cover  ups, of  the barbarianism  acts  , to protect iconic Football coaches? I’s an aberration , and not the  American  norm , they add. 
       For the records , let me add, that kids are maimed , and murdered daily across , not only America , but globally , and  remember ,race ,class, color, or ethnic  backdrops are of little consequence. 
    Such crime means nothing to a Christian Texan religious cult bum David Koresh , of Branch Davidians  FBI fame ,who was himself parented by a 15 year old  .
      America media frauds would ask Mormon Republicans all sorts of nonsense, about their hatred for Jesus and such but nothing about their state’s ,love for polygamy  , and pedophiliac cults , that encouraged the likes of  sex fiend , baby marriage  cult fringe   Warren Jeff, who love to indulge in group sex with 12 year olds, but that’s the American way, so what can one say, but fortunately these two former Governors would never set foot in the White House come 2012. 
      A Pakistan child labor CEO, means the same to Western powers , as under aged girls working the brothels in India, China, Thailand , Brazil , or Kansas. 
An NRA  Corporate , gun nut billionaire , hiding behind tenets of his  so called 2nd Amendment Rights, or  empty ultra Libertarianism  dogma ,would not loose much sleep ,if his weapons are used by Child soldiers, in  in Congo, Sierra Leone, or Sudan. All Afrikans are savages , and expendable in his opinion. neither would his loving christian wife at the loss of a few Colombian   under aged drug mules, or Mexican rival gang kids , get caught in the crossfire of the finely manufactured   made in American weaponry.
    The past three Presidents of the United States ,and now Barrack Obama ,as well as  his future rivals, in the Republican Party, to the world ,    most of Europe ,but to them, and Nato counterparts , decade old wars , and  draconian  economic sanctions , to combat American hating Muslims ,from  Afghanistan, Libya ,  and Iraq,are quite acceptable , even if millions of under aged kids were  murdered in  the process. 
  I know what you are saying , what does this have to do with abuse , when evil acts such as  genital mutilations in Kenya  , as well as South Afrikan male  rapes of baby virgin girls , needs our pressing attention? I am with you, but again , my concern is to give an over view as to  how complex the issue  of  child abuse ,can be for us all ,when we become selectively outraged , and use our  culturally leveled ethnographic scales, to  decide ,what  entails abuses , where it  is taking place  place, and how it can be erradicated.  
    We should not be afraid to confront this scrooge  ,when we observe it, be it something as simple as Corporal punishment, of not only celebs , but seemingly, insignificant humans , wherever they exist on the planet. Say yes to justice, and save the tears. Many have moved on with their lives, fortunately , but as for others ,the pain lingers on, and so they must be encouraged to stand up , and speak out , so that culprits would acknowledge wrongs done, pay a price where still possible , as this would remove the shame from victims , embolden silent sufferers to   push back, and not only create closure , but halt the cycle , when victims become the eventual aggressors. 
     Got to run , my little sister  of two teenaged kids herself , wants some help from me ,  in  researching an over due , Criminal Justice paper ,she has to write , on the topic , ‘should  under aged criminal kids ,be tried as adults?’ My work is a bit difficult ,as she is convinced that they should , as some are born evil,and must be taught a lesson. Did OI mention , that she was abused as a kid herself? Oh yes , without the knowledge of their father ,at nine ,her step mom ,would repeatedly  flog, both  her , and  not much older brother , then further humiliate them , by forcing them  to go naked  out of the house, amongst  the general public. Well, it’s  the way of  the world,but stay tune , as we build bridges to the future. 
Luv Humanity! 

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