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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Social Justice Black & White American Style

        Well , I’ll be darm, as most of us never thought this day would come, but hear it is , a case of prospective victim hood against yet another success story . It  seems as if  White Euro  America’s recent rags to riches Afrikan American hero, and  political poster boy , Herman  Cain , is suddenly prepared to pull the race card, to  help defend his detractors, who wish to destroy  his quest, to unseat Barrack Obama come next election huh?Oh yes , the same grateful Herman , who felt that racism as an ingrained culturally driven ,social policy by dominant America, was somehow dead , and no longer necessary to even speak about , much less acknowledge, ever exist.
     Some media pundits , are even trying to paint him as another Clarence Thomas , as he  is likewise , enduring another ‘high tech  lynching ,’ by white  mobsters ,that hates him , but  rather love  desperate and sexually abused , delicate women. Others say no , that  the over the tops  attacks on him, should be compared with that against former President  Bill Clinton, who in their estimation was given a pass by a typically bias ,Liberal media . Please tell me someone within that camp , is not on one of the millions of dangerous hallucinogens, that too many Americans are hooked on.           
         Irrespective , I am thinking more about why  Dr Murray , and his  alleged murder of Michael Jackson . The King of Pop , likewise  felt it did not matter if it’s Black or White, which is his right. My concern is different , and here it is. If 50 white women ,were either raped, or  murdered in the past 50 months,  by white males , and  justice was not served, since , all  escaped the long arms of the law , yet , in contrast ,since the end of slavery ,500,000, Afrikan American  males either died , or experienced an unsavory end ,for simply thinking about indulging in the same atrocious  actions?
    I am thinking about my 14 year old son , who thinks he has a chance of being a Football star  , but has no conception of who OJ Simpsom  was ., and I need to  enlighten him . Hey son , OJ was a rags to riches American idol , who like Herman Cain ,used his God given talent ,to be a force in America, that in his estimation , transcend race , and enable him to  become one of the  all time great sporting  iconic figures. Unlike Herman Cain , he instead had the looks, and became the movie, and media advertising star ,that white guys loved, so much so, that they all wish he could come home to dinner like Sidney Poitier fictional character, to have dinner with their delicate daughters, which he did , after discarding his black ,one time abused woman.  
    The tragedy with him was , that he, like MJ , and now Herman Cain , did not know  that yes , it mattered if it’s Black or White. Thanks to Kim Kardashain Papa , who crashed in on his  billions , 99.9% of white America was able to conclude  ,that he walked away  from a  murder rap, of   his rags to riches wife Nicole, and her youthful ,Jewish boyfriend, but then due to his own stupidity, they got their revenge decades later as he  is presently doing time , for robbing himself , like a low end , illiterate nobody .
    Cain would likewise do time ,though of a different type, as he reminisce come November 2012, on how , or why, he was unable to snag  the Republican ticket to take a stab at his less Afrikan American “brother from a different mother  ,” after marrying , and loving the same woman for 42 years .  
Such fine family values, but none relevant if you are Black , not White. Now even I ,am confuse. 
Before Herman , the flavor of the month was Colin Powell, who had impeccable military and sex credentials , but a nutty wife , with a passion for dangerous drugs.
 Not good if you are Black , but if white like Cindy Mc Cain ? Maybe yes!

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