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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking down Walls

     To be or not to be , is that the question, for former Speaker  Newt  Gingrich , or his fellow rivals, in last night's debate.  I have a confession to make , and it is that beyond my previous apprehensions  ,I must conclude, that the debate was an enjoy last night's CNN  Heritage Foreign Policy  GOP debate. With few exceptions,most of the candidates accounted well for themselves.
  Newt was the obvious winner to many , in terms of delivery , and mastery of his facts, intellectual as he is. I would have Ambassador Huntsman coming in a very close second,  a spirited ,steady ,fervent Libertarian, pro constitutionalist advocate,  Ron Paul , third , with the rest  of the bunch , all tied for last, lying Willard Romney included.
    Say what you wish about Newt , but it  would certainly be interesting to see him spar with Barrack Obama come next Presidential debate , dirty laundry and all.  I must admit , that again,  like most, I too, was not  a big fan for the most part ,,of the 'Grinchster ,' but I am fast coming around , just like many Denver , and desperate  NFL  enthusiasts  ,who think that  suspect Quarterback ,Tim Tebow ,is the real deal, irrespective of all the evidence to the contrary.
  Well , he too is winning , even as the media pundits , and sporting gods ,highlight his flaws. We will see how both cases plays  out.
 One of the criticisms that tend to burden most of today's politicians , is that they lack moral character , and so , often flip flop, when it suits them. It is the prime reason why Willard Romney, will never be  anything but viewed as a  pro Wall Street ,anti People ,millionaire ,closet Liberal , forever pretending, to be an exemplary  , compassionate Republican, with a vision for America, and his desperate party.
    Newt as I said, has his issues , and though on the surface appears a bit substantive in a Mc Donald ,destructive calories ,fast food manner ,  fool's no one on his outsider , anti establishment, media savvy  rhetoric's, but one still can gauge where his heart is.He however threw a nifty , possibly touchdown  pass, in the arena, last night , due to his novel stance, on immigration , that might give a few million illegal  immigrants, across the country a bit of hope , since Barrack Obama seems scared to touch the matter until his second term begins. 
  Let me add for the record the following. The most important issue that would be at stake ,come next election is that of immigration , and humanist  justice ,for the millions stuck in a state of ambiance in America, and the reasons are simple. America as a nation, is undergoing some of it worst economic periods since the depression. Part of that is due to economic  mismanagement,  questionable prioritization  by political leaders, and  unregulated ,corporate greed,  on the part of those  symbolic  1% , business entities ,who have made off like  bandits, at the expense of the majority.
   As citizens hurt , they seek causes for their pain , therefore , immigrants become convenient scapegoats. This country via misguided Foreign policies, has  interfered in more countries across the globe , than can be imagined to the un initiated thinker , this obviously, has  fall out implications, some good, and others no so.
 One of them is  runaway  immigration, as victims from drug haven , gun ladened , economically desperate Mexico , to Pluto , Sudan , Egypt , Iraq , Columbia , and counting.
   Since slavery ended , and genocidal Jim Crow began , immigration has always had some impact in the Land of the free. We need visionary leader to take bold stands. Many of the present crop of candidates , including Obama their rival , has always paid tribute to Ronald Reagan , so let see how much they mean it.
 Not many folks know that Newt Gingrich had a major role in enabling millions of illegal immigrant ,a chance to regularize their status under the Ronald Reagan amnesty program in the 1980's.
    Let the wall breaking begin, as it is less costly than constructing border barriers , especially since the majority of immigrants, do not jump fences  to enter this great country.
Love Humanity!

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