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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

War ,Peace , & Economic Justice

         Well ,once more it’s another of those myriad of Presidential primary debates, that we the people will be subjected to. The theme this time, we were told by CNN, would be  Foreign policy.  What do we know ,former House Speaker ,Newt Gingrich, perhaps  the most immoral political figure , that ever ran for higher office, is in the lead, and  I am reminded of another speaker in Tip O’ Neal  who once advised us in words that “all politics is local.” Hopefully the prospective candidates, are aware of that.  So what are  the biggest stories across the international community , that  any  real leader , should be concern about , and or ,must address either presently, or in the future. There are thousands of agitated , economically struggling American citizens , operating using  Occupy Wall Street , as a background theme to vent their anger , and what they claim are a greedy 1% business class, who reap most of the  country’s wealth, while they the 99% ,do all the hard work, and pay most of the taxes, to keep the country alive, or support  too many foreign bums, and indulge in useless wars? 
   Ordinarily these fights are limited to workers , dealing with the daily grind, but today there is a new twist , as change has come domestically , for these are  mostly folks who were energized to take action in support of their own interest outside of a narrow ballot box . Many of the them are young people, who voted for the first time in 2008 , for Barrack Obama , but have seen their standard of living fall drastically , as campaign promises continually got broken , and gridlock became the norm between a partisan Congress , and Senate , to unlike anytime in previous history , are willing to deliberately destroy the political chances of a sitting president , by opposing every policy he put forth to bring relief to the nation. Not surprisingly ,he has resorted to a more robust Foreign policy , to  remain relevant, which obviously bring us to the present situation. Across the globe , we have the tail end of an unruly Arab Spring  movement , where advocates , are finding , just like their American counterparts , that progress towards meaningful changes , are dripping along slowly.
   There is  the American supported , 2 billion dollar per year  ,military junta  in Egypt, that prods along , and desecrate the rights of agitated , protesting  citizens. Iran in a devastated Iraq, is seen by all as  the evil  empire , about to acquire dreaded nuclear weapons , and so destroy the entire world , including the  historically abused Jews , from the State of Israel, who for the record has enough unacknowledged  nuclear weapons , that that destroy Iran , and every perceived  Islamist enemy , 5000 time. 
   All the candidate would follow Barrack Obama lead and pledge domestic and foreign allegiance to  Israel, and even with all the domestic  economic woes, would instead cut every social domestic service , and entitlement of benefit to American citizens , as opposed to touching the  3 billion yearly,  in aid to a close ally.
   Fast forward to Syria , and we see a Assad regime, that can fast make Qaddafi  in Libya , look like a  peaceful Boys Scout  Jamboree , in comparison  in terms of abuse and violence. We know how the latter ended , for a one time Islamist terrorist  Quaddafi, but can you , I , any of the 2.6 million  American  incarcerated , mainly  high school drop outs, and more importantly , the several candidates  vying for power explain  why no interventions would be forthcoming soon? 
  Speaking of domestic and foreign politics, can America remain a global leader, and bastion of capitalist democracy , if  it fails to address the rights of citizens suffering  at home , or folks abroad , who  leaders ,enjoy aid , and military support? Did I mention that Europe is at present ,in turmoil economically at prese, as it’s leaders grapple with a growing global recession, that befuddles elite economists? 
   Can America remain a leader , so as to hold back, fast encroaching  China, Russia, and neighboring Brazil?  As the moderator stated in the build up to the debate, who has what it takes to unseat Barrack  Obama come 2012? I will be tuning in to see , who panders, flip flop, or cares about being a real leader, both domestically , and within the global community?Let the game begin!

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