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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Things That make you go Ummmm

In a sometimes crazy , sometimes convoluted global village, or as a few prefer s to still refer to it -our world. There are new and old social and political realities that make you cringe in horror. I would attempt to list a few. The first as recently laid out by officials in the Homeland Security Department is that Terrorism is getting a boost and not from the usual dangerous foreign suspects that you were always led to believe or accept. The data reveals that thousand of returning veterans are being actively recruited by local right wing extremist groups to target immigrants and pro-abortion advocates ,and organizations in much the same manner that the diabolical , villainous , misguided monster Timothy Timothy McVeigh of Oklahoma bombing fame had done. Having a first African American president elected in the history of the country seems to be an important factor in shaping the thinking of these groups . In light of the murder of the first Irish American President , does one care to guess why ?

With regards to Mexico even a five year old can evidently see that NAFTA is an obvious failure. The cross border walls are still being constructed between the two countries, yet drastic increases in North /South small arms weapons are continuing unabated , and even increased with the blessings of the powerhouse lobbyist organization NRA. As thousand of Mexicans are being murdered daily, and lives of American border officials and regular citizens are threatened should there be concerns about terrorism , and the role played by a few unsavory business conglomerates in aiding and abetting same? Perhaps it is these and similar concerns that prompted President Obama to reach out via a visit to Mexico , thus making him one of five US President in 100 years to honor Mexicans with his presence.

One of the prime reasons why terrorism can never be eradicated in the short term is simply because there are no globally accepted agreements on a coherent definition . How about street gangs that are known to terrorize poor , distressed urban neighborhoods daily? Can they too be tacitly be encouraged by influential elements to help further political agendas?

I am an optimist , and looks positively into the future in the hope that good sense would soon prevail in the thinking of fellow human beings , as sustainable security becomes a distinct possibility and we keep terrorist at bay.


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