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Monday, April 6, 2009

Brinkmanship vs. Minority Power posturing

There is nothing so illuminating than to observe the actions of a new American President as he attempts to establish his credentials , and so position his country as the global political power house top dog that many still enjoy believing that she still is. In like manner , one can almost find it laughable as one observe nations, and regional leaders jockey for attention to prove that they are relevant and deserving of equal attention over the next four to eight years that said President might be fortunate to be the first amongst equal , Commander in Chief , and symbolic head of the free and perhaps not no free world. President Obama now finds himself in that un -enviable position of trying to maneuver rockets in North Korea, prevent suicide bombs from exploding in Afghanistan and Iraq, continually entice Israel’s political and military hierarchy with taxpayers dollars as aid , so that they could contain themselves from dropping their still secret and the non - existent nuclear bombs on nervous neighbors , finally halt globally ignored genocides in Sudan and Congo, and keep confuse European allies enthralled and amused by his wife’s Michelle, and Carla Bruni Sarkozy’s fashion statements , and most importantly grapple with the debilitating domestic and global economic crisis that is soon about to make the depression look like a cake walk in comparison. What is even more intriguing for our President is that as a the first minority leader of USA the global police , he is under the periscope in like manner to Bay of Pigs then untested JFK -the first Catholic President . He is charismatic, educated, politically inexperience and has to prove that he is now capable of moving beyond the Hollywood media glitz , and elite rhetoric to deliver on a domestic mandate , as well as deliver on global promises and expectations . Is he tough and capable of withstanding the heat and pressures that Vice President Joe Biden his former running mate prodded him on in the recent contentious political campaign when both were rivals? Can he live up to the American faith in him to be “ready from day one,” two , 100 ,or 1000, as feared by crafty twin towers co- Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and her Presidential advisor - the perennial political ‘energizer bunny,’ and her ‘loving’ husband- his slickness , Bill Clinton?
The challenge for this President would be to walk the thin line of trying to appease everyone, particularly the crafty states enamored with the chess like strategy of political brinkmanship - a game aimed at coercing adversaries into making conciliatory moves due to the skilful manipulation of violence and other risks ,that no one it is assumed wants but pretends to so as to encourage backing down or an opponent’s blink. We know the culprits that have practiced this strategy with impunity over the years. They included leaders in Iran, Israel , North Korea , and let’s now throw in the new kids on the block , China, India, Pakistan ,Somalia, Venezuela, and Russia, since their actions have dominated the airwaves and other media pages recently. At the same time he has to appear strong to match the tough talk and rhetoric of the intellectually challenged frat boy of ‘Axis of evil fame ,’ whose behaviors over the past eight years are making parents question the value of exorbitant spending for the acquisition of elite institutional education from places like Harvard and Yale , as this and similar follies are destined to send many more families into bankruptcy in similar fashion to how George W left the nation morally, economically and politically.
Since I am the beneficiary of a more pragmatic and less elitist education that included the wise council of one of the wisest women that ever lived - My Grandmother. I’ll pass on two piece of simple, practical, advice to our now seemingly overburdened President . They are as follows: “Never bite off more than you can chew,” and “if you’ve always done, what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” Please do not over reach and attempt to the be the all encompassing President that tries to make everyone happy , as it just won’t happen in your lifetime, or even your beautiful daughters. Nuclear weapons proliferation would be ongoing way into the 21st and 22nd century. Terrorism will forever be a fixture , especially state terrorism as practice by some of the US close allies , since there are no common agreements even at the most prestigious circles as to what it is. There would always be wars and rumors of wars even if all the troops return home next week or 16 months hence. Castro would soon die, and his mimic, the military upstart and buffoon Chavez, would self destruct and disappear soon , so no need to loose sleep over them. The global economy , like the environment , would rectify itself eventually of it’s own doing. The world will continue to ignore it as long as it involves the lives of non- Europeans as manifested by the much traveled world savior and NGO Kingpin- you guest it, Bill Clinton the kid from Hope Arkansas deeply concerned about your encroaching forays into his ‘stellar legacy.’ Perhaps you should do like the monarchs of old and have a taster when around the first couple from the chicken farm state and white water , and late Vincent Foster fame .
Here is something that most American don’t know , or choose to forget , but you cannot. The proud Iranians were playing this political and diplomatic game long before the USA was even conceived as a nation , and most importantly , they are aware of their history and America as well as Colonial Britain’s role in it. In 1951 their Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh was named Times man of the year. Two years later he was overthrown in the first ever CIA Kermit Roosevelt directed coup, ushering in the dreaded dictator and close US ally- puppet Meza Shah. He was overthrown in 1979, and the rest as we say is history, Ayatollah, Hezbollah, Saddam Hussein ten year demonic war ,and America became symbolic Persona non grata, as they froze the assets of Iran along with the promised nuclear technological blue prints that were promised to the extravagant Shah .
As for the North Koreans? Isn’t it interesting that East Germany today is an important part of the State of Germany, thus making the country a power house in Europe , when the US still possess some of the most dangerous weapons of mass destructions, aimed at starving North Korea along with thousand of military troops ,and yet we are confused as to why the scared and desperate North Koreans might be tempted to go nuclear? Since no state that ever went nuclear ever suffered a real attack like Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, care to answer why almost isolated Persian , Shiite dominated Iran , as well as North Korea and not Saudi Arabia, Egypt, South Korea ,or Japan are the ones lasciviously eying the nuclear bomb? The world is watching as the tough talking debates rages on , it is time for decisive actions from the sole super power and global policeman . Brinkmanship and Minority Power posturing are certain to lead us all into more turmoil it is certain.

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