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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Square Pegs in Round Holes

“Beware of a man with nothing to loose.”


One can not help but be ecstatic about Sunday’s rescue efforts of a very courageous American ship captain Richard Phillips, by US Navy Seals snipers along the coast of Somalia . The scene almost look too good to be true, and reminds one of one of the numerous Hollywood over the top plots , that emanated from a Tom Clancy novel or script. Our new President has made the rounds successfully across the globe from Europe to the Middle East . His voice is resonating quite loud and clear on the tenuous nuclear situation in North Korea, and Iran, as well as the military calamitous forays in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is on the verge of embarking on the highly anticipated Summit of Americas in the beautiful democratic island of Trinidad and Tobago, where Cuba’s economic fortunes might just be about to get a long over due and much deserved boost due to his tentative shift in policy. However, there has been almost complete silence on the Virgin Continent of Africa even if both have undergone two of the longest civil wars in the history of mankind , and genocide is as common as the President doing a lay up on the Whitehall basketball court ,and Michelle posing for photographers in another stunning outfit as she continually pretend to be unperturbed by the famous fashion legacy of much adored Jackie O Kennedy.

This situation promises to change drastically if desperate Somalians have anything to say about it. They are somehow prepared to remind the slick talking campaigning President that Africa is still relevant, and if he wants to get his own coronation as a future African tribal king like first black President Bill Clinton, then he has to focus a bit on distant neglected relatives in Africa. This unfortunately dear friends, is what terrorism translates to in our modern era, as it is not only manifested by suicide bombings , and sophisticated engineering feats masterminded by MIT and Oxford final years Asian or Arab elite students.

I could not help but be amused though confused by the remarks of a so call terrorism security expert as he responded to a journalist as to how the President should deal with the Somalia terrorist aka pirates. Well, let’s just say that the only things he felt short of recommending to our President was to direct an entire battalion to Somalia , and reinitiate the much dreaded military draft . He was so outraged at the President for kissing the ring of the Queen of England, and the feet of the Saudi King, that he felt the time was almost necessary to bring out the firepower and end this soft kissing diplomatic yuppie affair with American haters across the globe. He took great pains however to remind the world - and here is the shocker- that what is transpiring along Somalia’s border by these non -state actors was not terrorism but piracy.

To me therein lies the fundamental problem. It’s what I like to call loosely the ‘square peg in round hole syndrome,’ where by tenuous leaders along with so called experts are entrusted with the power to make critical decisions of global significance ,but are failing daily in their duties. No one seems to be capable of fully defining concepts anymore- even the folks that should know better. 800,000 Rwandans died in central Africa a decade or more ago, and no one lifts a finger because of quibbling in the corridors of power as to what constitutes genocide. 10,000 die in Europe ,and swift action was taken against Yugoslavian breakaway leaders by the Clinton regime. Fortunately the newly appointed Dr. Rice can get a chance to rectify that wrong this time around as she sits on the very same pinnacle of power.

A final example to prove my point is the case of North Korea and Iran. The media is saturated by so call experts primarily of a military and hard core theoretical nature, that daily demands that America get into a war mode to prevent nuclear terrorism from getting a boost via the efforts of these two countries. What are the alleged crimes of the energy deficient North Korea , and perennially threatened Iran , as both jockey for position after years of stagnant economic progress , due to political isolations , and economic sanctions? They are often characterized as rogue states - a terminology that was once directed at Libya. They prefer to believe that they are in full compliance of the entire Non Proliferation Treaty tenets.

Let’s commend President Obama for his steady leadership thus far , for not embarking on any hasty political action , as he tries to maneuver along the extremely dangerous and distracting political landscape, where the desperate would use any means at their disposal to garner attention and highlight historically menacing plights . The world is happy to be deprived of those bombastic speech reading shenanigans about global evil vagabonds, and miscreants in savage continents ,solely concerned with destroying the way of life of selective segments of the global village. Is this an indication that the pieces are finally falling into place, and we have shifted the pieces around to prevent the continual fallouts of placing ‘square pegs in round hold ? We should wait and see , but never fail to keep an eye on so called experts with narrow , and often hidden agendas, correct?


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