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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Peace as an Ideal

I made a promise to myself to one day do one of three things . The first was to reread two bestselling books that crossed my part some years ago. These were ,former NBC anchor Tom Brokaw’s ‘The Greatest Generation’ as well as Big Russ and Me, by the late and extremely well loved, and objective journalist Tim Russert. Both books were tributes to people of that often neglected generation that made yeoman sacrifices for their countries , then returned home to a respectful , grateful nation which in turn ensured that they become useful in the process of development of families and nation. It expanded on challenges , triumphs, tragedies ,pains, fears ,expectations, and necessary courage that was sometimes required for what can be considered as survival as Americans help liberate Europe to make into the global powerhouse it is today.
The second was to start to interview a few modern veterans primarily from Iraq, and Afghanistan , to see how they've thrived , and feel about wars and conflicts that they are asked to participate in.
The third was to converse with a few of the wonderful folks and unsung heroes that are not fortunate to have a Larry King Interview when they return from the dangerous front , or a purple heart for a grieving relative after similar exploits in distressful places across the globe. I am referring of course to the boys and girls in 'symbolic blue' as I like to refer to them , that work for the Global Institution called the United Nations.
Many should remember it of course , as it was created out of the ashes of the two major World Wars in Europe and parts of Asia.
The stated objectives as we might recall was to prevent similar political and military problems or chaos across the globe as that which almost destroyed Europe forever , when some misguided few attempted to make half the world speak German or Italian, while the other perhaps Japanese.
My research was able to unearth the unfortunate facts which are that as late as 1994, estimated figures indicated that some 22 million lives were destroyed in some 291 of global conflicts.(John Simpson, Nuclear Non-Proliferation in the Post-Cold War Era, International Affairs (Royal Institute of International Affairs 1944-), Vol. 70, No. 1. (Jan., 1994), pp. 17-39.) Not surprisingly many of these are based in states in the Global South and in numerous countries that were not even in existence politically, when the UN was created.
I am working fervently on a list of questions that I want to ask, of them, as I strive to do a comparative analysis of an evolving world that went from the Atomic Bomb, transitioned through the Cold War that ended in 1989, and of course the present two major ever threatening military debacles and similar often neglected politically tumultuous hotspots. Am I the only one who believe that peace and full human security -as an ideal -can be achieved for all ,in like manner to what occurred in Europe and Japan led Asia? Save the stories and exploits guys , for I’ll be coming at you .

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