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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Socialism’s death, New age Capitalist ,& growing quest for Security via Nuclear Technology

Can anyone remember a time when your political ideology could have guaranteed your removal from office, and the wrath of one of the two rival superpowers? Seems as if we can now say with confidence that those days are long behind us when in 1989 America became ‘First amongst Equal’ - to steal the title of Jeffery Archer‘s book. Can anyone remember him? He was one of many of British arch conservative pit-bulls for the Iron lady Margaret Thatcher . He was more famous as the author that enjoyed living vicariously through his own plots that mirrored the lives of some of his book characters ,particularly as it deals with sexual dalliances with street walkers, and under cover ladies in red knickers , that today might rival an unnamed former, reckless, New York Governor that claimed to hate Wall Street at one time .
But I digress, for to be a player today , you have to operate under a much different guise. As a country you must possess huge untapped quantities of vital resources of critical importance to others , and have in power an unpredictable , sometimes controversial ,bombastic leader with the required skills to manipulate segments of the gullible international corporate media to his own advantage where necessary. It would not hurt if such a leader threatens to go nuclear with the help of another potential hegemonic rival to the USA , or wishes to tweak things a bit strategically to gain some advantage where still appropriate. .Enter stage right, left, and center , Venezuela, Iran and North Korea.

Hugo Chavez became a torn in the side of the USA from the time he hung up his military spurs to become a political player while using his vast reserve of oil and gas to his own advantage. As former MBA President Mr Bush together with Nato Europe made overtures to finally surround Russia with nuclear friendly allies from former Eastern block states such as Poland, as well as break away rivals of the once mighty USSR ,powerless Russia is doing the same in her backyard and finds Chavez a useful friend much to the chagrin of Brazil and Argentina. Quite a lot is at stake , like for example military arms “contracts worth over $US 4 billion for Russian weapons and … plans to buy more.” “the formation of a strategic alliance in the energy sector,” between Chavez and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. As much as Washington might be worried on loosing out on this lucrative small arms partnership between Russia and Venezuela, what is causing consternation is the potential nuclear partnership, and possible consequences.
Since Russia prime minister Vladimir Putin plans to make Venezuela and relations with Latin America a top priority, can our new President be forgiven for reaching out this week to the crafty former military leader Chavez in the recently concluded Conference of the America? He has certainly taken some domestic flack for shaking the hands of the man that called a former Commander in Chief the devil . His biggest crime today was to make Oprah Winfrey into a second rate book promoter when compared. Imagine that he gave the President a book as a gift that shot up on the Amazon best sellers chart from 54, 295 to number 2 in less than three days. If this is not a New World Order , then tell me what is.
The shenanigans of North Korea are legendary from father to now aging son so no need to dwell on the poor desperate nation , whose leader’s disjointed behavior could soon make former nuclear obsessed and power hungry terror supporter Colonel Muammar al- Qaddafi of Libya , look like much beloved Abe Lincoln to Americans if he continues in the vein he is pursuing against UN inspection teams.
This leaves us with Iran. They say they want peaceful energy to satisfy the needs of its growing population , America and Israel says that they support terrorism and wishes to destroy the world. Muhammed Shimi, Force to Fuel, Harvard International Review Cambridge: Win. Vol. 26. Iss.4, p.42-45(4pp.)
Please stay tune to the political soap opera, and remember an election is due in June ,as the Iranian President denounced Israel as the most racist country in the world - and yes they still want to acquire peaceful nuclear energy. According to a recent UN 2205 Non Proliferation Treaty review, nuclear energy is accountable for 16% of the world’s electricity in 30 countries including 7 developing ones.
Should oil rich Venezuela or Iran as well as energy starved North Korea be allowed to pursue peaceful nuclear energy as stipulated by the NPT ?Should we be concerned between any potential relationships between Iran and Venezuela where trade grew between the two countries from approximately $1 million in 2004 to over $50 million in 2006? How should growing and or continued close relationship between Russia and Venezuela, or China and North Korea be interpreted to mean for Nuclear security and proliferation?

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