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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Change and the Threat of Fear

"Change is a Math formula. Change happens when the cost of the status quo is greater than the risk of change.C(SQ)>R(C)."
Alan M. Webber
Cofounder ,Fast Company Magazine

Believe it or not , there is a new spirit of change enveloping most of Washington and it just might catch on not only on Pennsylvania avenue but the fifty states across America and even the rest of the intransigent globe. It is obvious that the President is bugged down by the astronomical , chaotic ,financial mess , as well as some might dare say two mammoth , pointless, unmanageable wars , that he inherited from the Cheney / George Bush administration . I make no apologies for referring to the previous government as such , since one was in little doubt as to who really was in charge and or controlling the entire agenda during the past eight unfortunate years . Dick Cheney ,the sometimes straight shoot shooter - particularly when quail hunting on 78 year old friend’s South Texas ranch- not too far from Crawford.

So now you have a new point guard in town , that can shoot with some level of accuracy ,and he is prepared to lead the country in a new direction with minimal directives from misguided coaches or co captains with the mindset of a dinosaur . I refer to this as welcome change.
When compared to our other friends from the animal kingdom, humans can be as complex as they come ,especially when it comes to change. It is more noticeable in us adults , as kids are often more adventurous due to perhaps naivety which is a result of inexperience and innocence- but that‘s a different subject. Politicians are definitely at the top of the food chain when it comes to this stubborn character flaw.
Let me do a lead up : - Put a man in jail for 50 years and he comes out with the same bad habits he entered with - no change. Take a parrot or a wolf from the wild , and work your magic , and in quick time the former is soon quoting entire chapters of Shakespeare verbatim , while the latter can evolve into a sweet ,compliant, Shih Tzu companion dog. Evident changes.
Humans as a whole love changing some things however , but are reluctant for others . We often change houses, spouses, shoes, clothes, cars, food , jobs ,and the list goes on. However on the areas that matter for most many , particular Americans ,it can become a bit sticky.
These are Political beliefs , religious attitudes , racial and ethnic prejudices , and this list can also go on . The irony is that some occasions the perpetrators are operating unconsciously without even being aware as to what they are doing or the effects of their actions. These can be forgiven ,as there might be some hope. How about the folks that through fear or otherwise are reluctant to change , even when the results can be detrimental to their self interest , should we be concerned?
They tend to be loud in their cries and well aided by certain segments of the complicit corporate media . Do not touch the 2nd amendment and my guns, even if daily the sad results are most evident for even the blind to see. Let’s bomb Iran as their mad leader hates us and wishes Israel and all our loving Sunni Arab and Turkish Muslim friends harm. No to enemy Castro, No to the bombastic nutcase Chavez . Better yet, we should build a wall across every border and costal area to keep not only Mexicans , but all immigrants . This President has made us more unsafe in 100 days, than any President in the past said the former VP

He must fail and I am all for it said one loud mouth Conservative pit-bull with a 300 million radio contract and 20 million gullible followers one pay check above the poverty line.

Let us the conscious progressives , continue to stay focus , as well as engaged , and coalesce into meaningful partnerships to enhance common interest . Never should any allow fear- particularly of the unknown - inhibited our drive for change.
The results for the adoption of this new attitude and spirit can be amazing as I hope to indicate over time via this excellent ,democratic medium. My first task is to try and formulate a new interpretation of the national interest. Secondly it is to put a more viable blueprint to act as a bridge across the global North / South divide- Stay tuned.
Your humble voice of reason.

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