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Monday, April 27, 2009

A Mexican mask for Dime :- Montezuma’s revenge or Non regulated Capitalist Dream ?

“I just purchase this mask for a dime in Mexico City," claimed the proud ,and grateful man as he grinned for the CNN camera and journalist questioner . We then listened to the glamorous journalist joke dismissively about the futility in trying to protect oneself from swine flue by using such devices. Better yet, “more people die yearly from the common cold across America ,than can ever do with this animal disease claimed CNN head health guru Dr. Sanjay Gupta ,as he too did his part to lend his expertise so as to reassure a worried nation , along with the rest of the world.

Not surprisingly ,the loud mouth ideologues on both side of the 4th Estate divide , immediately began to capitalize on the pending global tragedy by doing their part on behalf of both political party by throwing blame. Can gridlock now get a rest in Washington , to enable a coherent Obama policy via the nomination of a HHS Secretary ? Perhaps not , as changes are difficult in politics, especially for the world’s greatest democracy.

The CDC apparently is fighting a loosing battle attempting to reassure the people that all is fine. Should we take their words as gospel after Mad Cow Disease (BSE), SARSs,and other pandemics that threatened the USA .
One should just not treat lightly the few suspected cases of swine flue in NYC . I would leave it to the skeptics that think it’s the worked for kids that wish for a day off or border state immigrant phobic governors and officials at work . They are quick to add that food is not the issue as stocks pummel from Tyson and other food industries. The pharmaceutical vaccine industry is doing well according to the news, as desperate folks run for drugs to save their health from any pending problems. The travel industry is in a tailspin. No more Cancun escapades ? Two weeks ago American were worried about visiting Mexico due to the influx of guns and the uncontrollable state of criminal enterprises. Americans are cautioning travels to and from Mexico , but worried over Europeans temptations to do the same for the USA. Containment however seems impossible according to WHO officials.

Mexican officials begged for sensitivity and help for the social plight of their citizens due to the actions of successful gun dealers ,but to no avail. I am certain that some might want to look at Washington for help on this global problem. I won’t hold my breath if I were any of the 20 million of its major city that are grabbing a mask ten dimes. America got a bigger problem to deal with and it is not in Huston like the Tom Hanks space movie, but all around America as the construction of the walls continues unabated - or perhaps one of it’s many border states still wishes to secede.
This is certainly not the kind of news that the global economy was hoping for I am certain. Perhaps the new President was on to something when he became one of only five President in 100 years to visit Mexico . The skeptics are feeling vindicated due to sudden demise of one of Mexico’s top officials Felipe Solis, who gave President Obama a personal tour of one of it‘s historical sites.
Let see if multilateral efforts are going to become the norm as we try to halt the devastating fall out effects.
Most importantly however is the following pertinent question. Can America continue to neglect it’s global responsibilities to be a moral leader in the pursuit of a ‘war on unchecked capitalist greed’ particularly in developed, emerging, and developing states throughout the world ? I believe that t is now time for the President to redefine the concept of “National Interest.” A first step is strengthening the efforts of global multilateral organizations ? Anyone disagree with this view?

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