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Monday, May 18, 2009

Asked not what your country can do for you, but can you help shape the national agendas ?

One thing you can say about these United States is that there is never a dull moment when it comes to politics and sports , particularly when it’s interlaced with race . It began from around December 18th 1865 ,or if you more accurately prefer July 1, 1928 when slavery hopefully was abolished , and worked it‘s way all across to Jackie Robinson color barrier escapades , and Jesse Owens embarrassment of the Hitler Nazi machinery, and his latter day Jim Crow domestic sympathizers .
Remember OJ Simpson aka The Juice and former advertising icon, TV media darling, and movie star? Well, we know what happened to him after he had the means to successfully defend himself and win two murder raps . He became a national pariah that was prevented from securing any gainful employment in the country even to pay his Civil Law suit. To some vindication finally came when this obvious imbecile, decided to commit one of the most outrageous acts in the history of an intelligent human being over the past century-namely in desperation ,to go into a building with guns blazing to rob someone of your own items in of all place Vegas where video cameras are more common than gamblers in a casino like the Taj Mahal. Imagine with me , the huge impact of a man that like Oprah has put more white folks in business . He was able to single-handedly focus the attention of a national malady called domestic abuse, and now historical dysfunctions amongst the growing black middle class millionaires. Finally all women can breath a sigh of relief some think, because justice delayed is justice anyway depending on who the preps are.
Not to be outdone was Michael Vic . His crime was to engage in one of America’s favorite underhand pastime - dog fighting. How dare you Michael -enquired America -be so cruel to man’s best friend some outraged citizens seem to think? For that you’ll do 23 months in prison, and just might never get a second chance to play ball again, much less obtain a percentage of the last 120 million dollar contract you once earned. In the land of democracy , that is tantamount to a Crime Against Humanity, yes? Only in America folks where more people are incarcerated- sometimes innocently , and even for non violent , victimless crimes -than any other industrial society in the world, and no one looses a bit of sleep.
Then there is Home run king Barry Bonds. He was able to do what famous known or perhaps unknown drug cheaters such as Lance Armstrong and Mark McGwire
were able to accomplished and yet escape the national wrath. Poor Barry, unloved by the media , and now this. Well ,America is now focused- at least that’s what we’ll like to think.

Now , we have the Steelers football super star Linebacker James Harrison refusing to go to the Whitehouse and kiss the proverbial ring of the first black President of these United States. How dare you commit such an outrageous crime James ? At least that’s what most of America is thinking.
The value of black folks to America is tremendous, be it popular culture, politics , economics ,and of course politics. The irony many are not aware of it , and that’s a shame.

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