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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Black, Pudding,&Proof by Eating

It took the almost certain possibility that the skinny mulatto kid from Hawaii with the authentic black wife being on the verge of becoming the 44th President of the United States for one of the country’s world renown writers to show confidence , courage and support. In so doing Literature Nobel Prize winner Toni Morrison help clear history as she offered some clarification as to what she meant on a fateful day in the past ,while obviously intoxicated . You might recall that in an 1998 essay , she once referred to ‘his slickness’ Bill Clinton as “our first black President.” This of course was a sobriquet that the savvy ,former Arkansas Governor gladly accepted, even if the proof of the pudding or evidence was almost absent to substantiate such preposterous claims by another of one of America’s Black middle class complicit media darling . Clinton the political opportunist that he is ,eventually moved one of his post Presidential Office to Harlem when rejected by white bourgeois millionaire West Side Manhattan residents his first choice . When convenient, he then ventured to occasionally perform the astronomical task of greeting snotty nose - hip riding ,gun toting , baggy pants black kids ,on 125th streets, or to eating Soul Foods at the various black eating joints controlled by big butts southern greasy face women like Salvias and Rubies when the complicit media was looking come election time as he enhanced the political fortunes for his ambitious wife. In short, Bill Clinton helped make Harlem cool to live in again , especially for white yuppie suburban folks, and black snobbish elites , as he indirectly herald in via is presence New York urban development through gentrification .
Remember this was the same President that fired his dear hometown friend Dr. Joyslyn Elders ,the first Black Surgeon General because she failed to follow the fraudulent moralistic script of white conservatives , and Washingtonian coward liberals ,by daring to suggest teaching sex education in schools to some viewed as promiscuous and hot-blooded US kids, and giving them condoms as a precautionary measure against unwanted pregnancies and prevalent sexually transmitted disease that were creating havoc across the nation, reviews of drug liberalization laws, or finally in 1994 suggesting youth masturbation as an alternative to sex so as one mechanism for halting the global spread of Aids while speaking at a UN conference.
Who can forget how in 1993 he dumped Yale educated ultra liberal Law Professor Lani Guinier like a sack of salt in favor of the candidacy of a more amiable white Jewish Judge ,when a few conservative nuts and spineless democrats began hyperventilating at the possibility of the former Clintonian confidant becoming a Supreme Court Judge and perhaps ruling to make all fifty states legalize affirmative action , scrapping the flawed ,anachronistic and racially bias electoral system that prophetically resulted in an incompetent President two elections later ,have Rapper Snoop Doggy Dog rewrite the National Anthem with a hook that black urban American can relate to , or finally have the country pay out on the ‘40 arches and a mule’ commitments that was once promised to black slaves and descendents that helped build this great nation for free with no compensation or rewards except ridicule, jail, and poverty line status for millions in return .
Of course no one can forget that he stood idly by as thousand of Haitian fleeing immigrant ‘boat people’ were dying in Florida, while Castro’s Cuba’s upper cast or criminal mestizos as well as millions of East Europeans entered the country in droves and eventually became citizen overnight before he could get his pants down fast enough with a ugly ,big mouth White House intern with the unique sounding name in very close proximity on her knees in confession.
How about sending his pit- bulls into the United Nations led by Madeline Albright -daughter of the Condi Rice political Science Professor-to oust the closest thing to a black Secretary General -Egyptian Boutros Boutros Ghali, because the scholar, Professor ,and leading statesman had the gall to have a mind of his own that did not conform to the dictates of Washington Pennsylvania Avenue , but France - his much beloved country and benefactor that enabled his political rise instead.
Not surprisingly 800, 000 Rwandans died during Clinton’s reign as a Yankee controlled Security Council repeatedly nitpicked semantically as to what constitute genocide , so that in the final analysis absolutely noting was done to ensure mandated security for black Africans , while he at the same time pulled out all stops in terms of war and rigid austere actions on Serbian criminals to stop the rape , and murderous carnage against Caucasian European in former Yugoslavia that was reminiscent to Hitler’s Jewish holocaust escapades, and most of modern African leaders and followers penchant for barbarism and numerous sub human actions over the past decades.
The obvious historically tragedy policy it appears for the ‘comeback kid’ and similar fake inclusive advocates was that while it was imperative that Europe including his ancestral homeland Ireland remains peaceful ,and destabilizing miscreants from Russia or Germany not run roughshod over supporting ethnic fractions in the Balkans ,African lives ,and that of millions of black folks across the globe were insignificant .
It was therefore with some interest that I turned on my television this last Sunday before the 20th of January inauguration of the first Mulatto President Mr. Barrack Hussein Obama ,to get a feel for what some of the media political experts and historian were saying at this special moment. I nearly fell out of my seat when I heard one phony journalist commentary in which he said that Bill Clinton once claimed that he ‘missed the chance of being a good President ,because he did not have a major crisis on his watch.’ Let’s just say that I hope he does not now view this period as the perfect opportunity as both him and his wife Hilary - the new Secretary of State - attempts to run the country for the next four to eight years with skewed foreign policies , and subtle Dixiecrats obstructionist progressive domestic political maneuvers aimed at creating a level social playing field .
I stand corrected , as our ‘first black President’ wrapped in the aura of Lincoln , tries to rule the roost. The proof of the pudding is always in the eating , someone once famously said, I tend to agree. At this juncture I’ll bury my disgust and cynicisms to congratulate the new President , and wish him well. He is an inspiration to many ,and a very savvy and crafty political animal. In almost the same vein as Nelson Mandela. Both have made very calculation moves that though understandable indicated to me how they’ll lead while in power. Mandela drop Winnie Mandela his lifelong fervent supporter for the his new wife former 1st lady of Mozambique -the amiable Graça Machel, once frightened white South African showed a distaste for her and her grassroots people’s concerns. We eventually saw what happened in South Africa since especially under Mbeki his lost successor. . It’s only a matter of time before they begin to Make Zimbabwe look like anything but a failed state. Obama dropped Rev Wight his mentor , advisor and symbolic father when white , confused American were afraid that black liberation theology was going a bit too far for the future President, in recognition that we can be known by our friends. Wee can only hope for different result between the two historic figures . Let’s be optimistic on this historic day.

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