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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Two Americas-equally divided.

Former Senator and Presidential contender John Edwards campaigned on the theme of eradicating poverty and an attempt to close the divide between the ‘two Americas,’ as he called it- rich verses poor. Very brave words from a millionaire lawyer that came up from simple means as he claimed. What the senator is alluding to is an America that many are unaware of. Namely, that million of their fellow human beings are struggling daily, while small elite live wonderfully. The plight of the suffering have been left unreported for the simple reason that to do so can work against the interest of those more mindful to preserving a fictitious image. Instead one repeatedly witness a complicit media that fails to recognize its responsibilities- namely to tell the news by highlighting the facts, and let the scripts fall where they may. I often wonder whether it is justified to view criticisms of policies, behaviors, opinions or ways of life in the negative light that frequently occurs throughout. The war is going terrible but one dare not say so for fear of being labeled as unpatriotic. The economy is in shambles, but a resounding silence is the result again due to fear of repercussions. Unequal justice and huge levels of human rights abuses are occurring daily at our prisons and across states yet not much is said. Who one might ask are the beneficiaries of such actions?

Conservative and liberal judges, reporters, editors, and publishers are the norm. Likewise, politicians and the nation as a whole are divided along similar ideological lines. This often leads to much finger pointing, gridlock, pandering, inequities which have all affected the stature of the country globally. Even schools today are clamoring for rectification of perceived imbalance of liberal as opposed to conservative Professors at Universities and colleges today. Let us view closely and see where this corruption of education may lead.

The bigger question now is how to transcend what might simply be electioneering debates, by prospective candidates to concrete policies by leaders serious about bridging the divide when in office? The dreadful scenes in the aftermath of the Katrina hurricane disaster shocked the conscience of the nation recently as horrid images were reflected on the televisions daily. The consequence of poor infrastructure and dreadful social policies combined with inept leadership reminiscent of a fourth world nation became very obvious. It is impossible to believe but true that the hordes of people were described as refugees by some reporters to the dismay of a few. It is not the sort of depiction that is expected of the sole superpower to emerge in the aftermath of Cold War at the ‘end of history.’ Poverty is a reality and cannot always be blamed on immigrants, outsourcing, globalization, environmentalism and laziness of a phantom minority. Governments, corporations, and civil societies must be prepared to work closely to solve social and economic problems aimed at eradicating poverty both domestically and internationally once and for all. Where is that media that I once read should be the ‘light that shine in a dark corner?’ Busy concentrating on ideological divisions and the bidding's of friendly elite counterparts it is fair to guess.

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